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Latest News Update From Central Gharri Region June 10,  2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

According to an eyewitness report from EL Waq, the Gharri Defense Force (GDF) are holding 15 Marehan prisoners of war in Boru Hache that were captured on June 09, 2005. Also, two armored trucks were captured along with its armories. Our reporter said that most of the enemy combatants were killed or wounded and the rest escaped in disarray. The Tyrant Farah Bulle Abdi, Iftiin Mohamud Umar  aka iftiin-dheere, and Hire Sh. Hassan Iftiin were amongst the dead.


BORU-HACHE HAS BEEN LIBERATED June 09, 2005 byGur Gharri GSG News Contributor According to a report received from Bore 11 Gharri District, Kenya, the tyrant Yusuf Kanttee and his ill trained street thugs were removed from EL Waq town on June 09, 2005 at 8:00 am local time. Also, intercepted fleeing Marehan radio communiqué confirmed that they have bailed out of the city without shoes running for their lives.  However, there are no numbers of casualties available at this time.


June 03,  2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

According to information received from moyale on May 31 2005, five-gabra manatta were raided by borana mobs. It is believed that thousands of   cattle were taken and several hundred people were killed including 2 Kenyan police officers. Mr. Mohamed Rago Ursa and Mr. Mohamed Hapicha’s cattle were among the looted herds.

The Gharri Support Group conference was held in Atlanta GA on May 28-29. It was very successful. It was agreed that we continue meeting once a year at different locations or states. Also, a national committee of eleven members was created. This committee is responsible to come up with or to create a common theme that will enable each GSG community in every state represented at the conference. Those committee members are expected to come up with their own community financial planning that will benefit Gharri citizens in all 3 regions.                                                                                       

           The self declared SNF (Somali National Front) Marehan street thugs have stolen about 40 Gharri camel and 30 cattle, which belonged to the Borre 11Gharri residents. Animal stealing has risen to the highest level it ever has been. The thieves are not the Somali National Front (SNF), but the Marehan street hasstlers and known thugs headed by Yusuf Kantee. According to our correspondent, the frequency of animal robberies in the past two months has been unprecedented and surpassed all the animals stolen in 2001, 2002and 2003 combined. Yusuf Kantee had tried to use those looted animals as a negotiating tools to legitimize himself as a man to be reckoned with. However, his days are numbered and he will pay dearly for his crime against the EL Waq and Boru-Hache residents.


April 18,  2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor


    Gharri soldiers have defended their motherland successfully once again. The enemy militias have been crushed. The latest information received from EL Waq indicates that 20 enemy forces were killed, or captured and many more were wounded. The rest of the so-called "SADE MILITIAS" escaped in disarray. Victory to the Gharri people.


April 18,  2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

Breaking news from EL Wake April 18, 2005, By Gur Gharri GSG news contributor    According to eyewitness reports from EL Waq  The Sade militias headed by Col.Yusuf Mohamed Abdiqadir assistant minister of Garsor, Abdiyare Duqoow and Jamal Xasan Sareey raided EL Waq from five corners at 7am local time. The initial report states that nineteen enemy militias were killed and two technical armored vehicles were destroyed. However, fighting is on going at this time and  we will inform you as soon as further information is available. 

April 08,  2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

New fire has erupted in Mandera front line: According to information received from Gharri District, on April 07, 2005, the Marehan hoodlums’ ambushed two young Gharri entrepreneurs in Bul-Hawo, Somalia. One man died instantly in the hail of bullets, and the second one in near death fighting for his life, as he is not expected to live. Also, GSG has learned that massive Marehan militias have been seen gathering at Dhamassa preparing to invade EL Waq


April 04,  2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

On April 2, 2005, the Oromo region administrator ordered the torturing of forty Gharri inmates. According to an eyewitness report, the inmates were severely beaten with the bottom of an AK47 and were locked up in ten by ten room, without windows, or ventilation. Twenty-two of the inmates suffocated and collapsed. However, the Ethiopian arm forces rescued them. The perpetrators were not punished and the reasons why those imamates were tortured are unknown. However, there are speculations that the inmates were tortured in order to break the Gharri people’s spirits and intimidate other non-Gharri citizens so that if they lined with and voted for the Gharri people, they too will be tortured accordingly. 

Thus far the Moyale referendum elections were scheduled over a dozen time in which each stated election had failed to complete due to fraud and collaborative effort of Oromo leadership and Ethiopian election boards members to change the election outcome when expected election result will show that Gharri people will be victorious. Again, for the third times in a week, the Ethiopian election board members upon realizing that the Gharri population out numbered the Oromos had changed the Moyale referendum election date. So, it has been rescheduled for Thursday April 07, 2005. Therefore, they have began engaging in an smear campaign against the Gharri people by engaging in an unauthorized and illegal investigation by going house to house, confiscating over two hundred voting cards from Gharri citizens. They accused the Gharri people for being a majority in location 02 and they are determined to cancel the Gharri voting cards in order to help the Oromos win the Moyale referendum.

Also, GSG has learned that the Murale and Gharri conference in Mandera is on its second day, according to conference participants, they are discussing about peaceful coexistence not the return of the Murales to the Gharri land. The Corner tribes, Degody and Marehan elders were excluded from this Gharri and Murale peace conferences alleging that they are perceived to be part of the problem between these two communities.


March 23, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

According to information received from Gharri District, on March 21, 2005 the Kenyan arm forces went to Wargadud and take over the water posts, confiscated the key from the Gharri citizen, and demanded that the Gharri citizens trade in guns with the key to the water wells. However, they let the locals have access to the water, but sill are putting too much pressuring the locals hoping that the wargadud residents will turn in illegal fire arms.

Adan Mohamed Noor and Diqaya Dido have been released on bail. However, 35 Ires Teno residents are still in Wajir jail. Their next hearing has been scheduled for April 10, 2005. Also, Sheikh Hassan Adan Khalif has been re-arrested.

Gharri people have turned in 1 million shillings in blood money in lieu of the 100 camels they were imposed to pay earlier during the peace accord. Also, Murales have been instructed to bring in 24 million shillings or 2,400 camels, but their elders requested to be given four days extension so that they could go to their countrymen for consultation or discussion.

The Moyale referendum process is going smoothly, our reporter said it’s going better than expected


Western and Central Gharri regions news update March 21, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

A Much awaited Moyale referendum process has began today. It was agreed on to start the referendum process through in an unconventional way. The authorities agreed to house count and distribute voting ballots to its inhabitants. So, the local authorities were given nine days to complete the referendum and determine which region would take over the Moyale district administration.

Northeastern Province Kenyan government officials headed by internal security minister Mr. John Michuki and NEP PC Mr. A. Mwassera, have met with the Gharri district officials and local leaders to discuss the EL Golicha Massacre. They were not able to finish their discussion, and the meeting ended without any results.  GSG has learned that, over a dozen people were injured and a dozen more were jailed. Our reporter stated that the trouble started when a booing mob interrupted Mr. Shaban’s speech, and the Murale thugs started throwing objects into crowd. Subsequently, the mutiny of women and children took the street and went berserk thereafter.

According to meeting participants in Madera town, the NEP PC was confronted with an erroneous report that he made regarding EL Golicha Massacre in regard to who the perpetrators were. Therefore, he acknowledged that he made a bad judgment and apologized for it. Mr. Mwassera said that the people who orchestrated these problems misinformed him and that the killers did not came from Somalia, but from Kenyan, and he promised to take action against those who are behind these heinous crimes.


March 15, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

Breaking News from central Gharri region

On March 14, 2005, at 5: 30 am, Murale thugs raided Gharri village between EL Golicha and EL Qalla. They slaughtered twenty-two defenseless women, children, and wounded three.


March 10, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

The Wajir DC and his team met with the Western Gharri region administrators, the Ethiopian government and security force’s representatives in Moyale on March 09, 2005. During the meeting, they discussed recent Qaddaduma incidents, but they failed to reach an agreement. The Kenyan delegates want to retrieve a seized vehicle and deceased soldier's gun. However, they failed to sign documents saying Kenyan police forces were at fault about what has happened on March 5, 2005 in Qaddaduma. It was the Kenyan police force who caused the incident by disturbing the peace in and around the common border area. They crossed over to the Ethiopian a sovereign nation and raided Qaddaduma, which led to the seizure of their vehicle and the soldier's death at first place.  Our reporter said, that the Kenyan authorities agreed that they were at fault but said they did not have the authority to sign such documents. Therefore, the meeting was postponed until later date in the near future.

EL Wake: The fighting is still on going between the Gharri and the Murales in EL Wake. According to a report received from EL Wake one Gharri Kenyan soldier escorting the Kaa beer vehicles was ambushed and  injured at Babbo near Rhamo when Murale thugs opened fire indiscriminately on moving vehicles. Also, one Gharri militia was wounded near Qorrobo Shannani and 9 enemy militias were killed.

About 20 Marehan elders came to EL Wake, Kenya to discuss friction between the Gharri and the Murales, but the Gharri elders did not welcome them, because the Marehan clan was perceived to be siding with the Murales.


Breaking news from central Gharri region    March 08, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

The Murale-Marehan bandits have raided Wargadud town March 07, 2005, at 5:00pm local time just after the Assir prayer was completed. 

According to eyewitness reports, if they had not been detected by one of the Gharri home guards and alerted the small but determined Gharri warriors, they would have slaughtered hundreds of civilians committing an unthinkable genocide. The shooting ensued thereafter, and our brave men were able to repulse them out from the center of town, but the fighting was reported to be on going. 

There was no report of any fatalities, but two wounded Gharri citizens Mr. Allow Abdulahi Dherra and Maalin Edin Dubbe’s adult daughter were brought to EL Wake. So, we will inform you, as the latest details of events are available.


March 06, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

The Gharri warriors have recaptured wantee, and Alango from the Murale and Marehan invaders. A week ago, the Murale and Marehan alliance captured the Alango, and Wante Gharri locations. On March 05, 2005 the gallant Gharri warriors fought back and recaptured the two locations. Our reporter said that during this incident, 30 enemies were killed and many more were wounded. Also, two enemy’s supply vehicles were destroyed.

Also, the Kenyan army, police, and ajuran militias raided Ires Theno, and Qaddaduma Gharri towns on 03-05, and the Gharri warriors fought back at Qaddaduma, killing one Kenyan soldier, wounding four, capturing 1 vehicle and destroying two other vehicles. The fleeing Kenyan police rounded up 40 unarmed Gharri citizens, tortured them, and the tortured victims were taken to Wajir and they are now in Wajir jail. 



March 02, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

According to reliable information received from Gharri region, the Murale and the Marehan Alliance are ready to strike EL Waq, Wargadud, and other nearby villages at any moments. It has been reported that the NEP commissioner and local government officials have given the Murales seven days per their request to capture those above mentioned Gharri land. Our informant said two days have passed since, and that the Murale and Marehan Alliance has five more days left out of the seven days to clean out the Gharri citizens. 

In addition, they have received 260 AK 47 from Mandera DC and are expecting more to come via Mandera. So, the Murale and Marehan Alliance militias are gathering at four locations, including Alango, two locations in Wanttee, and Sukeela as their bases to strike Boru Hache, Wargadud, and other surrounding locations.

 Also GSG has learned that one Gharri militiaman was killed in Uddatt district by Guji thugs. Furthermore, a large Guji militia movements has been seen around Malka Allu area and it is believe that they are about to strike the Uddatt town at the time where all the Oromo and the Somali regions Officials are in Moyale discussing peaceful coexistence in the region as well as ways to conduct upcoming Moyale referendum election.


Feb. 27, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

GSG has learned that a war between the Gharri and Murale has erupted. According to an eyewitness reported from El Waq, the trouble started after the Murale took over Alango locations a week ago. Subsequently, the Gharri appealed to Mandera DC, in which he put together a peace conference in order to solve the problem. However, while area elders were conducting a peace conference in Mandera, the Murales thugs started causing problems by blocking the Gharri herders’ access to water and took control of Wanttee location and began pushing westward to capture more land. As a result of Murale’s aggression, the Mandera peace conference failed to achieve a meaningful solution. So, on February 25, 2005, fighting started in Alango, and Wanttee areas. Our reported said, the enemy forces were evicted from Alango, but the fighting is still going on around Wanttee.  However, there are no reports of casualties at this time because the shotony is still going on


Feb. 15, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

According to information received from Moyale, the Gharri and Guji peace conference has concluded on Feb. 14, 2005.  They agreed to a ceasefire, but the Gharri has received credible information that the Gujis are mobilizing an all out war against the Gharri people, and a huge militia movement has been seen west of Arero hills.

Also, two Oromo rebels were captured at Godd Adhessa, near Moyale Kenya, after they shot a Borana female at close range. Our informant stated that the two captured Oromo rebels were asked why they tried to kill the Oromo woman, but they replied that  “because she is working with the deserted rebels who are collaborating with the Ethiopian soldiers.”

Furthermore, GSG has learned that the Gharri people have received information that the Oromo rebels are working with the Ajurana’s militias in and around Butte and Gurar and are planning to attack the Gharri people from Qaddaduma, Godoma, and Dhokissu areas, at the same time that the Gujis attacks from Uddatt.

Also, the Somali transitional government cabinets have requested foreign soldiers to take over EL Waq, until it establishes it’s own militias. However, our informant said the Gharri people are not willing to accept this proposal and they are ready to defend the Gharri territories by any means necessary at any cost.

The Moyale referendum is still on hold, but it has been agreed to continue. In addition, the house of federation has rejected the Oromos requests to held referendum by way of house count and its inhabitants. Therefore, a referendum will be held sometimes after the federal election ends this spring or early summer.


Feb. 09, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

The Gharri and Murale peace conference was held in Mandera on Feb. 07, 2005. according to information received from EL Wake, the conference was ended without reaching an agreement. The Gharri participants reaffirmed their position, that they will agree to the proposed peace treaty and are willing to pay blood camels, but they will not allow the Murales to come back to resettle on Gharri land.

Also the Murales stated that if they are not allowed to go back to their previous grazing land, they do not want the Gharri people to remain living in Mandera and Kutulo areas, east of the Mandera-EL Wake road.  Furthermore, the Murales demanded that the Gharri militias be removed from EL Waq the Eastern Gharri region. However, our reporter said that the Gharri people did not take the Murale’s demand seriously, because he said it is nothing more than preposterous statement from desperate theifs crying for mercy


Feb. 05, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

Breaking News From Western Gharri Region.

On Feb. 04, 2005, the Oromo militias waged a full-fledged war on the Uddatt district from three fronts. Madder, on the northwest, Hobblo Chafa on the North, and Dire Dimtu on the Northeast.  According to information received from Uddatt, 8 enemies were killed, many were wounded and the rest escaped in disarray. However, there is no detailed information available from two of the other frontlines at this time, because the fighting is still going on.

According to information received from, the area, the Oromo region administrators tried to fool the Gharri people by installing the Oromo militias at Maddar post as Police forces keeping peace and order.  Based on past experiences, the Gharri people did not believe its motives and began monitoring the rebel’s activities. So, within days, the Gharri people witnessed the rebels numbers growing. Also, they have been seen engaging in war simulations and training carrying heavy machineries.

The Gharri militia’s persistence, persevere and patients, paid off on Feb. 04, 2005, when the Oromos made a bold move to invade Uddatt, the Gharri militias was already waiting for them and intercepted the first rebel group at Dire Dimtu, before they reach uddatt, and killed 8 enemies and wounding over a dozen, before the rest escaped in disarray into mountain and bushes.  We will let you know as the stories unfold.


January 31, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

According to information received from Uddatt district Gharri western Gharri region, on January 27, 2005, Gharri militia intercepted Guji rebels before they raided EL Tokee and Bolantee villages killing three and injuring dozens. The rest escaped in disarray.

The central Gharri elders have concluded their reconciliation conference in EL Wake, Kenya, and they have reached an agreement to allow Murales to be resettled in EL Wake. Also, the NEP Somali MPs and the Kibaki government met in secret and agreed to move four hundred Ajuran households to settle in the Ires Tino area, and let the Butte Occupation permanent. Our informant stated that the reason the government and Somali MPs agreed to these terms was to break up the Ethiopian and Kenya Gharri border connection.


January 24, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

On January 22, 2005, Guji Oromo thugs ambushed two Gharri citizens at Koob Addi in the Uddatt District Western Gharri Region. According to eyewitness reports, fifteen-year-old Hassan Adan Hussein was killed and Mr. Hassan Mannur Kussow was wounded.

Also, massive Murale and Marehan militia’s movement has been seen near Dhamassa and Wargadud areas. The Kenyan authorities at EL Wake have been informed that a massive heavily armed militia movement around the Kenya Somali border planning to cross over to Somalia and wage war against the Gharri of EL Waaq Somalia. According to our informants, a full-fledged war is imminent in EL Waaq.  So, the EL Waaq residents are very fearful of a Murale-Marehan attack in an attempt to take over the EL Waaq.


January 20, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

According to information received, a Gharri magnatta at Galgalo Diimtu in Moyale Kenya was bombed on January 18, 2005. One of the bombs was thrown at the animal’s barns and killing ten cows, wounding two people and nine cattle. The perpetrators are believed to be from Gabra clan.

Also, three Gharri men were ambushed and killed by Guji Oromos in Uddatt the District. 


January 10, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

Five tortured and maimed Gharri women and children have arrived in Nairobi, Kenya to for emergency surgery. Also, five other less injured are in an EL Wake health center and are expected to be sent to Nairobi for treatment. Also the death toll has risen to twelve, and some of the maimed people are not expected to survive. The Kenyan arm forces have been diploid around the EL Wake-Mandera borderline to protect the Murale citizen from reprisal attacks. However, there is no investigation going on to look into who is behind the killings of the innocent women and children.

According to information received from Nairobi Kenya, beside the two Gharri MPs, there is not a single government official who neither visited the Gharri victims nor sent any official condolences. The PC, the Police commissioner nor their deputies went to witness the crime scene or visited those dead and disfigured Gharri women and children. One of the Gharri elder stated that by ignoring these horrendous crimes, they appear to be parts of criminal elements.


January 09, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

Full-fledged war has erupted in EL Wake. According to information received from EL Wake, Kenya, Murale has raided unsuspecting and unarmed Gharri herders at Wargadud, EL Guya Maddo, Borria Thitu, and Qorrobo Inne locations. Seven dead bodies and five wounded Gharri people were brought to EL Wake hospital.  According to eyewitness report, all the deceased and wounded are women and children. our informant stated that the casualties are expected to rise to 100s.  Also, our informant stated that one Gharri student was killed in Wargadud area on Friday January 07, 2005.


January 03, 2005 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

          The Gharri and Murrelle feud has escalated to a killing spree. According to information received from Mandera and Nairobi, 9 Murrelles were killed on Friday December 31, 2004 at Ar Dhamasa near Mata Arba located in EL Wake Gharri District. It is believed that since Gharri are not living in the area, the Marehan clansmen may have committed the killings in order to cause a problem between the Gharri and the Murrelle people. Soon after, all of the Murrelle families and herds were evacuated to Oddo and across the river into Degody to safety.

On January 02, 2005 five Gharri citizens were killed, two are missing and one small child was injured near Rhamo. The madness is continuing between the Gharri and the Murrelle. 


GHARRI REGION NEWS UPDATE: by Gur Gharri (GSG) News Contributor December 21, 2004  

Eleven Murralle thugs were captured on December 19, 2004. They confessed killing Mr. Sahal Rashid Abdi Mursa.  According to our reporter, one of the eleven Murralle gangs members was chief Bintow’s brother and they all were arrested at Chief Abdullah Bintow’s village in EL Wake.

      Also, our reporter stated that Mandera Central Gharri MP Mr. Below Kerow and PC are expected to visit Mandera on Wednesday December 22, 2004. Furthermore, unspecified numbers of the Kenyan arm forces personnel are to be deployed to EL Wake to clean up, round up, and disarm all the Murralle gangs.

      The last phase of the dispute resolution committee meetings will begin on Thursday December 22, 2004. They will be discussing how the stalled Moyale referendum will begin. One GSG news contributor interviewed one of the upcoming meeting participant  who don’t want to be identified and he said there are four topics that they will discuss. 1. to turn over the Moyale district administration to the Gharri majority. 2. To have referendum election and let the winning region takes over the administration of the district. 3. To divide the Moyale city into two section and West side of the city section run by the Oromo stated and the other half be managed by the Gharri people. 4. To let the fed takes over the control of the Moyale district. However, the last two topics are not popular among the Gharri people and will not be accepted by them or by the Somali state administration.  So, we will let you know the out come.


GHARRI REGION NEWS UPDATE: by Gur Gharri (GSG) News Contributor December 16, 2004

The Moyale referendum election is still in limbo. There is a meeting going on in Addis Ababa between the Oromo state, the Somali state, and the federal government representatives regarding the stalled Moyale referendum election. We will report it to you as soon as the information becomes available.

GSG has learned why the Oromos wants to have separate poling places.

1) The Burj supporters told the Oromo officials that they are not going to vote because they are afraid of being arrested due to the fact that, most of them are Kenyan citizens and are not residents of Moyale City.

2) The others said they do not want to be seen as supporters of the Oromo state fearing reprisals or attacks later. Therefore, the Oromo officials ran out of options or alternatives to offer them. So, they are trying to smuggle people in through the back alley, but that too has been exposed.

The two Gharri District’s MPs are expected to visit Moyale.

 Victory to the Gharri people


GHARRI REGION NEWS UPDATE: by Gur Gharri GSG news contributor December 14, 2004

On December `12, 2004 a Bomb exploded in Burji Maňata, Moyale Kenya. There weren’t any reports of injuries. The Burji are blaming the Gharri people as the perpetrators behind the bomb. But our reporter stated that this is not the first time that a bomb exploded in Burji and they blamed the Gharri people but it was proved to be false and the incidents were proven to be caused by the Burjis themselves. Again this bomb incident appears to be the same bomb that exploded while they were playing with it for training purposes.

In addition, the smuggled Burjis from Kenya have returned back after they herd that non-residents of the disputed location that are caught voting will be jailed up to five years.

  Also, the Moyale referendum process has stalled. The Oromo officials have purposed to divide the city in two locations along the main asphalt road, they will conduct the election on one side and the Gharri people will take the other side. According to our reporter, the Oromos are requested to be allowed to have a poling place in the villages rather than in the city on the main road side where the out come is clear and easier for the absorbers to monitor poling place activities. So, the Gharri people have objected to the Oromos request.  Now the matter is on hold until new instructions are received from Addis Ababa.


GHARRI REGION NEWS UPDATE: December 13, 2004 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

The Oromo officials are making a mockery out of the Ethiopian government officials.

The Moyale referendum election is still hanging in thin air. The Oromo region officials are trying so hard to win, they have been playing all kinds of tricks that are known to crooks. Now it appears that they have run out of tricks to play. They have used the system as if it is a ball game where the players kicks and passes a ball around as they see fit in order to score and eventually win a ball game.

The Oromos advocated avoiding the normal way of conducting an election by counting houses and issue-voting cards for its inhabitants. The Gharri people fought against the idea of counting homes and issuing voting cards. But the federal election commissioners and election boards twisted the Gharri’s arms and literarily forced the Gharri officials to accept it. The Oromos, the Gharri and the election commissioners and the election board member met on December 10, 2004 to decide how to start the house count and the locations of the polling places. They agreed to have 10 polling places in Moyale, consisting of five location on each side of the two kebels, as well as how they will conduct the house counts; However, when the house count started, and some of the people whom the Oromos believe that they are on their side, said they are supporting the Somalis; Our reporter said, the oromo official’s mood changed right away and started objecting to the Gharri traditional houses “MIN-DASSE” to be counted as houses. Also, they began demanding to stop counting houses and also to be given two more locations that will be off limits for the Gharri people. However, the Oromos demands were denied. Subsequently, the Oromo officials’ boycotted pre-scheduled meetings with the Gharri, and the federal election board on 12-12-2004.

Reports have been sent to Addis Ababa regarding the Oromos decision to boycott and getting out of the decision that they agreed to earlier. So, the local authorities are waiting for the results from Addis Ababa.

The mediation conference between the Gharri and Ajuran has failed. The Ajuran changed the menu and demanded to allow the Ajuran herders be allowed to settle in Irs Teno and creation of police station at Ires Tino. Before they discuss about the return of the EL Danaba refugees to their homeland of Butte.


GHARRI REGION NEWS UPDATE: December 10, 2004 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

 Members of the Ethiopian election board have arrived in Moyale. According to our reporter, they have met with local election commissioners and are discussing ways in which the election will taking place.

  Also, the Oromo rebels and Oromo elders from local nomads headed by the Abba Gadda arrived in Moyale to disrupt or sabotage this process, but, they met stiff Gharri resistant, and they were denied to have any public gathering there and were ordered to leave Moyale within 24 hours.

 Kenya: The Gharri and the Ajuran conflict resolution conference has began in Garissa. According information receive from Nairobi, the conference participants are discussing repatriation of the EL Danaba refugees and if so, then, how it will be carried so, we will let you posted as soon as information reached us.


GHARRI REGION NEWS UPDATE: December 09, 2004 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

It has been agreed that the scheduled Moyale referendum election, will be held in January 2005. However, the federal government has ordered to hasten the date of election to fourteen days from today. The referendum election will be held on December 24, 2004. Therefore, 38 members of the election board and their staffs are expected to arrive in Moyale today.

According to our reporter, the election commissioners and the board members will go house to house to determine household sizes. Furthermore, they are planning to have a mass public gathering or “Monolongo” to pick a few community elders to help them determine the residents from the visitors so that they can distribute the voting ballots for eligible residents only.

In addition, the Oromo rebels have announced that they will wage war against the Gharri people to capture the Gharri land.


GHARRI REGION NEWS UPDATE: December 02, 2004 by Gur Gharri GSG News Contributor

The Western Gharri region Gharri people are celebrating partial victory. The upcoming referendum will not be held at Bulladi, Gof, Beddee, Chamuq, or Mallab. Also, the Oromo smuggled students, prostitutes, and day laborers who have been brought in to Moyale for the purpose of participating in the referendum election have been baned from participating. So, referendum will be held at the remaining four Kebeles, including 01, 02, Mado Migo and Qabannawa within next two weeks.

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