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Barre “Huurale” the last standing tyrant and Fugitive Marehan warlord  by Gur Gharri GSG member & Contributor,  August 08, 2005

This tyrant has been using BBC Somali Radio to air his propaganda sounding like he Speaks on behave of the Somali government, on august 06, 2005, he accused the Kenyan and Ethiopian government’s troops of fighting his troops inside the Somali territories. There aren’t any Kenyan or Ethiopian soldiers fighting him inside the Somali territories, but it is the Barre “Huurale” who had crossed over into the Kenyan territories and engaged in carjacking and looting herds belonging to Kenyan citizens and disturbing peace and tranquility for the border communities of Kenya and Somalia.

The Barre “Huurale” is the most criminal tyrant and he’s a drug dealer now operating in the lawless land of Somalia. Therefore, he is responsible for most of destruction and human suffering in the Gedo, Bay, Bokol, and Shabellada Hose regions of Somalia.  In his speech on August 06, 2005, he sounds as if he was speaking on behave of the Somali government, but he is not representing the interest of the Somali government or its people. He was using the Somali name in order to gain sympathy from unsuspecting Somali people but, it has been noted that he is noting more than most wanted fugitive and criminal warlord after the death of his colleague Yusuf "Kaantee".

This criminal warlord and drug dealer is going to do anything to control the port of Kismanyow for his drug export and money trafficking skims to continue.  It has been noted that he has been and is still using drug money to finance the war in the Shabellada Hose, Bay, Bokol, and Gedo regions, so that people will continue fighting among themselves rather than focus on him as the number one enemies of the people.  His days are coming to an end soon. The people of Digil and Murifle have awakened and are ready to strike his troops in Luq, and Bardherre to gain control of their destiny. Furthermore, the GDF are closing in to capture or kill this tyrant warmonger as they did to Yusuf “Kaantee”

This is a message from Gharri Defense Forces (GDF): Barre “Huurale” there will be no peace talk with you, if you want, Stay or leave. But, we are coming to get you”


Ceelwaaq, Juba Valley Alliance and Somali Federal Government BY ABDULKADIR M. KHALIF

There have been lots of rumors and innuendos about the goings on in Ceelwaaq
after the latest flare-up.
It also looks like the Marexaans are celebrating
"their victory" ...the capture of Ceelwaaq. It is true that the city is now
being occupied by the Marexaan just like it has been occupied by them
before. It is also true that for the second time in 4 months the GDF
withdrew from the city without putting up much fight. We know very well that
the city has been a ghost town for more than 6 months and that all assets
have been removed from there. During its brief occupation by the marexaan
the city was stripped bare and all iron sheets, timber, bolts and nuts were
removed to Garba Harre and Beled Xaawa. The Marexaan were in the process of
burning the entire city when they were evicted on the 9th of June. Therefore
there was nothing of value to defend right now although the psychological
effects of occupation are immense.

We know that the Marexaan interests in Ceelwaaq is not because of the
economic or strategic value of the city but rather a fear that if the Garres
defeat them other Digil & Mirifle clans in the Juba Valley and Kedi will
follow and kick them out. Therefore in order to instill fear in others they
have to fight tooth and nail with the Garre. Defeat by the Garre will also
see to the final demise of the dream of “Juba land State” and its domination
by “president-elect Barre Hiiraale (Harre Huuraale).” But how did they come
in and take over? This is a very interesting story and please read on.

On Friday July 22, at about noon while the entire GDF leadership was
preparing for the Jumca (Friday) prayer and the foot soldiers stood down
their guard to say the prayers, a horde of Marexaan militia attacked on 3
fronts. One front was completely undefended because the GDF soldiers were
out checking the enemy camp that was sited the previous day. Within 3 hours
of fighting, the 2 fronts on the Baardheere and Dhamassa roads were
destroyed completely and the militia dispersed. More than 70 Marexaan men
lay dead in the steaming sun and their small fire arms were confiscated.
Meanwhile a horde of militia led by 16 “Technical Battlewagons” supplied by
the Juba Valley Alliance and driven and manned by Habar Gidir fighters
rolled into the heart of the city in a very short time and without any
opposition. By the time the GDF soldiers came back from routing the
Marexaan, the Habar Gidir men were already in town. The GDF decided not to
push to the city center because that would be a terrible military tactic.
They camped outside and decided to take stock of their men and assets. The
commanders as always have the welfare of their men at heart and would like
to minimize casualties on their side. That is why each time there is a
battle between them and Marexaan militia, vultures from all over the world
will converge on Ceelwaaq to feast on the Marexaan corpses. It is very
interesting to note that the entire Ceelwaaq District is now a thriving
colony of hyenas and colorful vultures. After a roll-call 15 men could not
be accounted for---8 were later found in Elwak hospital, 3 with serious
injuries and the other 7 were presumed dead.

Now the GDF is blocking every path and road leading into or out of the city
and the invaders are sitting ducks in the vandalized houses and offices.
There are no entries and exit points for the marexaan soldiers and officers
or their Habar Gidir mercenaries from Kismanyu. The GDF was sure that there
would be no Marexaans capable of manning the “Technical Battlewagons” since
they all perished in previous battles for Ceelwaaq. They hired Habar Gidir
men and paid them $2,000 each to travel to Ceelwaaq and participate in the
fighting and promised them a further $3,000 if the job was done well. Four
of those Habar Gidir men have since died in battle and that fact alone can
save the Marexaans $12,000. The Habar Gidir men are now ready to leave (if
they can) and have asked for the balance of their money. The Marexaan think
that the job is not complete since they do not see any GDF casualties and
know for sure that there will be an attack on them any time now. They are
worried that none of the GDF assets have either been captured or destroyed.
There is trouble brewing between them over the promised money. Meanwhile a
group of Habar Gidir elders from Mandera and Elwak-Kenya are concerned that
this could complicate relations between them and their Garre neighbors. A
small party of men who wanted to cross over to meet with the mercenaries was
turned back for their own safety by the besieging GDF soldiers. Time will
tell if those Juba Valley Alliance men will remain there and if they will be
able to return to Kismanyu alive, and that day of reckoning is fast
approaching. This is a further proof that when it comes to dividing Digil
and Mirifle lands, the Daarood and the Hawiye can agree on it.

It has been confirmed (even by Marexaan sources in Europe and Nairobi) that
the heavy truck that was hit by a bomb between Dhamassa and Ceelwaaq was
ferrying fresh supplies and men and equipment to the battle front. In that
incident 9 “leaders” who were being transported to Ceelwaaq to form an
administration were all killed. Therefore the would-be “Gudoomiyes and the
Taliyes” all perished before they reached their posts. Ceelwaaq is fast
becoming the graveyard of Marexaan military and civil leaders and
politicians. The Ugasses and the religious leaders have decided to stay out
of what they consider an unjust war fuelled by the ministers-turned-new-warlords……the likes of Maxamed Sayid Adan, Harre Huuraale, Yusuf Kaanti (the wounded lion), and their contact person with Jowhar Col. Ali Madobe. Together with others not mentioned here they formed “The Dirty Dozen”, a Marexaan group who have been selected in Garba Harre as liaison between Kismanyu, Jowhar and Gal Kacayo in the efforts to quickly create the “Juba Land State”. The pacification of the Garre is a crucial
requirement to the formation of this state on the lands of Digil and
Mirifle. Some funding towards that end is coming from the Federal Government
while most of it is coming from the heroin fields along the Juba Valley
which is exported to East Africa and the Middle East. Listed below are some
Federal Government ministers and civil servants who have blood on their
hands as far as the war in Kedi is concerned:

(1). Barre Hiiraale – Leader of the JVA and “President” in waiting for Juba
land State. He is also the Federal minister for “Dib u Dhiska iyo Dib U
Dejinta”- this is a fitting ministry for him because he will be dealing
directly with “Dib U Dhiska” of Daarood institutions on Digil and Mirifle
Lands and “Dib U Dejinta” of Daarood refugees on Digil Mirifle lands. He
will also have a free hand in using former state farms along Juba and
Shabeele Rivers as heroin plantations and the “Mataanaha Mudug” businessmen
will do the exporting for him.

(2). Maxamad Sayid Adan – Leader of the SNF/SRRC who is also the Federal
minister of “Adeega iyo Qalabeynta” another befitting portfolio needed
desperately by the Marexaan for the requisitioning of government supplies to
further their expansionist goals.

(3). Yusuf Kaanti – Assistant Federal Minister for “Garsoorka”-a superb
cover-up for his unjust cause in ethnically cleansing Kedi of all
non-marexaans while defending it as a “Garsoor”.  He was injured at Ceelwaaq
on June 9th and was at one time rumored to have died of his wounds. Whether
he was on the ill fated transport that did not reach Ceelwaaq or not is not
clear. He has been ailing of late and the psychological damage he received
at Ceelwaaq on that fateful day of June 9th will finally undo him.

(4). Others like Col. Ali Madobe, prime Minister Geedi’s Police
Commissioner- his main job is to convince the Federal Authorities that the
Sade militia are loyal militia that can be funded and transformed into a
National security force and that they are duty bound to defend Gedo from
aggression by the Oromo Liberation Front – this is a tactic to placate the
Ethiopians and to hide the true identities of that militia, which is a
remnant of Al-Itixaad and is now being rehabilitated as a government force.
They will have the benefits of government funding plus a good cover under
which to operate clandestinely. Col. Ali Madobe will therefore have to work
overtime to play the Ethiopian-Abdullahi Yusuf-Eritrean-OLF card very
effectively. Meanwhile, through the good offices of some Habar Gidir (Ceyr)
members of the JVA they are receiving weapons from Eritrea through Kismanyu.
At the time of going to press  a consignment of arms and ammunition has been
off loaded at Kismanyu destined for Kedi and the wider Juba Valley.

Meanwhile, the GDF is tightening the noose around the JVA mercenary in
Ceelwaaq and we will soon hear the familiar cries of the enemy. RISE YOU

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