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SURRENDER……Barre Hiiraale Quits. Next Stop - Baardheere

"Harre Huuraale" and his cohorts have finally capitulated to the pressure by the KLA. His hungry and frustrated mercenaries are on the run with their tail on fire like scalded cats. His withdrawal will not be negotiated by any Garre Elder, Leader or Ugaas. He and his fellow "Xildhibaans" including many fugitive ministers talked to the local Kenyan officials and policemen and a
couple of Garre light-weights from Mandera who have neither the mandate nor the authority to negotiate on behalf of Ceelwaaq people. But that was all "Harre Huuraale" find one Garre person he could apologize to and run. That way his constituents in Garba Harre would celebrate that a "peace deal" has been negotiated and that Gedonet and Allgedoonline websites
will have something to report to the marexaan funders and bank-rollers overseas. What actually happened on the ground is a total surrender and capitulation by "Harre's" rag-tag militia. KLA will move in to mob up any bandits that could still be hiding in there to make sure that their filth is
finally cleansed. The people of Ceelwaaq will go back and set up their administration and other institutions in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Authorities. There will be no power sharing with the Marexaan and their status in Ceelwaaq District will be equal to that of all other
Somalis in the devastated city. We will Insha Allah rebuild it again and make it a bigger and better city. The Garre people will never recognize Garba Harre as the capital of Kedi and the name of that region will hence forth revert back to its ancient one - KEDI. That way, all traces of
domination and colonization will be erased. It is like re-naming Rhodesia and calling it Zimbabwe again.

But then, there is something else. What about Baardheera, Luuq and Doolo?
There are helpless people there too who need to go back home and who have supported us and prayed for us all along. Their hopes of getting justice lies with the KLA and the Garre people. Should we abandon them now that we are free? Should we let the Marexaan continue colonizing the other members of Shanta Geed Ganaane and give them time to recoup and come back for us?
Remember, they did not fight for Ceelwaaq for nothing and they did not give it back on a silver platter. They had an aim that did not succeed and now they have no choice. Once they are rested and we are off-guard, they will come back and try to take Ceelwaaq again. Ceelwaaq, they consider is too a strategic a place for them to let other people dominate. So, should we rebuild it and then wait for them to come back and destroy it again? No. This is a war they started but which we are duty bound to finish. We have dug in and fought them off in Ceelwaaq for too long, each time giving them badly needed time to reinforce, mobilize and attack again. We never went
outside the small town which is hardly a couple of miles from the border.
That is not what we
are entitled to in Kedi and definitely not what so many have died for. The job of completely defeating “Harre Huuraale” and make him answerable has just began and must be completed. This region has suffered for far too long and the only way it can get a lasting peace is the total capitulation of the likes of “Huuraale” who can never get used to NOT ruling
other people.

The KLA should therefore move on and liberate Baardheere, Luuq and Doolo and free its long oppressed citizens. Our freedom will not make sense unless and until they too are free and then together we can all rebuild Kedi…….We who? Shanta Geed Ganaane alliance and all other people of Kedi including the Marexaan. We all know what our traditional values and roles were before the invasion of the region by people from Galgaduud. Those  are the institutions that have to be rebuilt  and to which we should all be loyal. Anything short of that is unacceptable and any peace agreement is nothing more than a ceasefire before the next round of fighting. We now know better than that, don’t we?


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