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 Somalia’s Regions - This will not stand!!! December 17, 2005 by Abdulkadir Khalif

Slowly and surely, the Federal Authorities in Jowhar, especially the Interim Prime Minister Mr. Geedi is systematically creating Regional Administrations without heeding public opinion and bending backwards to pacify and placate the regional warlords. For the last few days Mr. Geedi has released names of persons to lead the provinces and new regional authorities grouping together provinces that the warlords have already made their de facto fiefdoms. We are aware of the fact that the likes of Indha Cadde, the butcher of Marka and Barre Hiiraale, the stand-alone Turk who has created a kingdom for himself around Kismanyu are silently celebrating their victories and congratulating each other.

 It looks like the support of those warlords is seen as crucial to the success of the Jowhar group’s agenda and that they can even be speedily forgiven for the crimes they have committed against the peoples of the regions they have dominated and occupied for a long time. Or is it that the suspicion  many a D&M peoples have had for a long time about the grabbing of their lands by an unholy alliance of the Daarood and the Hawiya is finally reaching fruitation? Either way, the lands of D&M is up for grabs and what is happening now in Jowhar is exactly equal to if not worse that what happened in Baraawe a couple of months ago. During the Baraawe meeting Barre and Indha Cadde planned to subdivide the Jubbas and Sh. Hoose between them so that Barre could create his 2nd Daarood Republic in the Gedo and the Jubbas while Indha Cadde would hold onto Sh. Hoose until he can reach an agreement with the Abgal and secure his position in a bigger Hawiya Republic that would include Sh. Hoose. That plan was put on hold until the Prime Minister and Mohamed Dheere approve it, which they are finally doing in Jowhar as I write this article. That would live an anarchic and weak Raxanwein Republic composed of Bay and Bakool…Thanks to the “leaders” of Digil and Mirifle in Jowhar and Xuddur, together with those stranded in Mogadishu like Xaabsade and Sharif Xassan. Their actions (or inactions) are betrayals that are treasonable to say the least.

 What should we in the Diaspora do?

The “Leaders” inside the country are either sell-outs or weaklings that don’t know which way to turn. The people are held hostage against their will. The Federal authorities are pursuing a policy of Divide-and-Rule. Few radicals inside the country are afraid to speak out loud for fear of elimination, mafia style. That lives us in the Diaspora to take legal, political and other actions to remedy this situation. In my last article, I predicted that the last battle of the Somali civil war will be fought on the banks of the River Jubba and Shabeelle. What has been happening the last few days adds urgency to that prediction and brings the day of that battle much closer than we now think. There are many meetings being planned in different parts of the world and it is hoped that the Diaspora will be finally energized. The first step is the removal of those “leaders” who are known to be sell-outs from amongst the D&M peoples. With the entire Digil people in Somalia now under occupation and the Mirifle people deeply divided amongst themselves, the enemies have a field day designing the boundaries and dividing the spoils of war.

Starting the first day of the New Year, we expect deliberate and systematic group actions to be undertaken all over the world in confronting the injustice that is being perpetrated against the D&M peoples. It is incumbent on the Mirifle peoples to get rid of Xaabsade and Sharif Xassan and to unify their ranks in Bay and Bakool. It is incumbent on the Digil peoples to get rid of their stooges in Marka and Jowhar so that their efforts in liberation can be better co-coordinated. We should also prepare for the following group actions:

  • To demonstrate in front of all relevant international bodies in all countries where we reside.

  • To publicize all the atrocities that is being committed against all the peoples of southern Somalia by the occupying warlords now conniving with the Federal authorities in Jowhar.

  •  To launch written complaints with, and provide evidence of Human Right violations to UN agencies and other international Human Rights organizations all over the world.

  • To organize protests, boycotts and passive resistances to the illegal authorities inside the country and to the businesses of their clansmen and supporters in the occupied regions.

  • To pressurize our own senators, Congressmen/women, MPs and other legislators in our various countries so that they may take appropriate actions.

  •  To support any group(s) that would be ready to take more tangible actions on the ground if all the above means of resistance and protests do not work.

In the just concluded “seminar” in Jowhar, the de-facto division of the country has been ratified, again with the connivance of our”leaders”. The Digil and Mirifle regions have been officially divided into two autonomous regions; one under the control of the Daarood called “South Region” and the other under Hawiya domination called “Southwest Region”. This is the prize Indha Cadde and Hiiraale get for talking with Mohamed Dheere and Geedi. Mohamed Dheere has been further recognized as the “BRAVE” man for putting that act together without the D&M leaders saying anything about it. It is a political coup for him and a victory for the warlords, Barre and Indha Cadde. As for the Digil men who went to sign off their homeland, a very uncertain future awaits them and they have earned their infamous place in the history of the Digil people.

But their actions and the wishes of their mentors will not stand,  Insha Allah


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